Puerto Rico Destination Wedding Videographer |Doing What You Love to Do – Awesome!!!

This weekend, REB6studios will be on a plane headed to San Juan Puerto Rico to film a destination wedding. We will be at the beautiful La Concha Resort. I cant help but think how fortunate I am.
When REB6studios started, I would never thought it would grow as expected. All I know was, I LOVE what I do! However, it wasn’t a walk in the park, it took a LOT of hardwork (I’m not saying that you should edit/shoot/pratice yourself to death but those were the key) and a little bit of luck.
To be able to film destination weddings in other country and be paid for it? Yeah! That is really awesome! I can’t wait to share the highlights right away! Wohooo!

So, Mariane and I will be gone this weekend [may 5-9] –check the dates. We will only be shooting one wedding for that day. That would mean :
1. We are able to enjoy the beautiful Puerto Rico,
2. Possibly shoot another couple on their wedding dress (Post wedding shoot/Trash the dress) or engagement session (Love Story ).

#2 can only happen if you or anyone you know close to the area happen to be interested for a REB6studios experience. The good thing is you or they don’t have to pay for travel fees!!! Really cool huh?! : )

Interested in having a wedding film that truly tells the story of your day instead of just a “slideshow” of videos? Find out more about our wedding cinematography pricing, click here.

Also, email inquiry responses might be a little delayed so please please be patient.

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