Bobbie and Janice Wedding Film

Nella Terra Wedding | Bobbie and Janice

Junior year of high school 2007, Notre Dame of San Jose, outside gym entrance Bobbie Devera had quite the reputation at Janice’s all-girl school. Before she met him in person, the name “Bobbie Devera” could be heard across the hallways from freshmen to juniors alike. She witnessed girls argue over him and the ridiculous things they would do to vie for his attention. 

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Janice was the average girl-next-door that you could imagine from a Taylor Swift music video. She had never dated a boy before and, frankly, did not know how to speak to one. 

The first day Janice met Bobbie, she asked him to prom… for a friend. Their interaction went unnoticed and was uneventful. He said yes to her friend to attend prom and they never spoke to each other again.

 Several weeks passed by. They met again at a friend’s house. Unaware that he had met Janice once before, he felt he had to act quickly. He gathered all of his friends inside the house and called, “DIBS!” claiming her before anyone else had a chance to talk to her. Bobbie, being the popular guy he was, had dated many girls before her. 

The day he met Janice, he knew something was special about her. 
Being around her made him nervous. It took him months to ask her out on a (her very first) date.

In fact, he was so nervous that he couldn’t talk to her in person to ask her out. He called her phone and left a voicemail saying, “I’m going to be hungry next Wednesday (a week from then). Did you want to go out and eat?” 

It wasn’t long until they knew that their summer high school romance would be the beginning of something everlasting.

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