Los Angeles Wedding - Vincent and Huy

Los Angeles Wedding | Vincent and Huy

Vincent and Huys Story:

Vincent and Huy met at their friend Hoi’s birthday party in August 2013. There were some challenges early on, some minor (Huy was an hour late to their first date) and some major (Huy still wasn’t out), but Vincent and Huy grew steadily closer. A month later, Huy finally came out to his friends and family with Vince’s help, and since then, the two of them have not looked back. 

​As the years passed, Vincent and Huy shared many milestones together. Together they became adoptive parents to an always-hungry cat, traveled to several different continents, obtained graduate degrees, and moved to Boston. 

​On a chilly November day in 2017, Vincent hijacked their friend Yong’s birthday weekend in Toronto with a surprise scavenger hunt proposal! Surrounded by his friends, Huy admits defeat in the race to propose and happily accepts. 

Event Planner: Elena Chang
Photographer: May Iosotaluno
Venue: The Fifth Restaurant and Bar

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