Featured Speaker for BAPVA

Finally it has been three years, and it is about time for us to give back!
We are so honored to be chosen as one of the featured speakers at BAPVA (Bay Area Professional Videographers Association) on April 15, 2013!

We will be speaking about something we are so passionate about…wedding cinematography

The title is: “Standout : The Making of A bad A$$ wedding film”

We’ll share our tips and tricks on how we create our wedding films and lots more… if you would like to know more here is the link:

To all wedding cinematographers out there who would like to meet and greet with us and the rest of the BAPVA members, this is the best time to hang out and at the same time learn on how to stand out in your market!

Also, the talented Luke Goodman of Luke Goodman Cinematography will be sharing his insights and opinions on the wedding cinematography business! We ourselves will be listening to his talk!

See you there!

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