wedding videographer palm event center wedding

Palm Event Center Wedding | Marissa and Sean

Sean and Marissa’s story began in December of 2012 a bit untraditionally – surrounded thousands of people dressed as Santa Clause and bar crawling through Denver. If you know Marissa, you can probably guess that she was ignoring the December cold, opting for a red skirt and high heels to dress up the Santa theme.

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ranch golf club wedding

Ranch Gold Club Wedding Cinematographer | Christine and Sam

Christine always wear a smile on her face 😁. She always sees the positive and lighter side of things. For Sam, she is truly one of the most genuine people in the world. 😍✨💕 Sam is a man of confidence and values 😎. He is a person who speaks his mind freely and will push all your buttons

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Aimee and Gian

Westin St Francis Wedding Videographer | Aimee and Gian

Gian’s life was not in a good shape before he met Aimee. He wasn’t maintaining his grades, he was heading to a bad place. Not until he moved to Las Vegas from Chicago when everything suddenly started to fall into place 🙂, that was when he met Aimee. He met her through a friend, that was

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Campovida Wedding Alice and Ben

Campovida Wedding | Alice and Ben

Alice had never imagined that curiosity will be the mini masks of love. In the minutes, hours, days and years they’ve spent together Ben filled her life with wonder. She marvels at his ability to encapsulate complex situations into such simple words. Through his words she saw Ben’s thoughtfulness, humility, kindness and as a man

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Michelle and Matthew wedding at julia morgan ballroom

Julia Morgan Wedding | Michelle and Matthew

The Julia Morgan Ballroom was the perfect setting for Michelle and Matthew’s wedding. The grandeur of the space was offset by the intimate atmosphere created by the twinkling lights and lush floral arrangements. The couple’s san francisco wedding videographer captured all of the special moments, from the emotional walk down the aisle to the joyous

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Desiree and Christian

Cornerstone Sonoma Wedding Video | Desiree and Christian

Desiree is the most amazing woman Christian have ever met. Since day one up until this day she’s always been that perfect girl. She is smart, beautiful, caring and kind except when she was hungry 🍕 Christian is a man of patience and understanding. He always put up with her constant debate on whether where she

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the ranch golf club wedding video

The Ranch Golf Club Wedding | Julian and Shasha

Julian and Shasha (special feature- The Voice finalist Chris Jamison)Mark 10:9 “What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate.” Julian was riding up to camp last June of 2010 when a friend asked him if he was seeing anybody. He said “No. Not really.”. Then his friend asked “What do you think of Sarahlynn?”. Julian

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palm event center wedding videographer

Palm Event Center Wedding | Shirley and Eddison

Good things don’t come easily and shouldn’t be given up quickly. Their friendship started in the hallways of George Washington High School. Over the course of sharing many classes together, their friendship developed rapidly. From working on countless projects together through high school to visiting each other in college and travelling to distant countries around

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