2013 Testimonials – A Very High Customer Satisfaction Rate!

Customer Satisfaction is very important. Last year, we posted some of the sweetest words and raves from our couples and we are going to make it a tradition. Just like you, we are also tired of hearing the same sales tactics over and over again. We at REBSTUDIOS rather would just like to keep calm and let our works and customer reivews speak for itself.

Review is one of the most important part when choosing a wedding videographer for your wedding. The investment you put in to hiring a wedding videographer is absolutely a significant amount of your budget so it is very important to find out how a vendor delivers before, during, and most importantly after your wedding. Here is the tip on choosing the best ones for you, look at their recent reviews, NOT the old reviews. A company can do great on the first year, then once they become popular, they will expand and sub out their work for profit. Guess what quality suffers. There is no consistency to their work anymore because films are made by different editors and shooters.

If you are a bride that have been researching a lot and digging what’s online, you’ll find out that you’ll barely find someone that will put a wedding date or a film and right below it is the clients review. wink.

Since we don’t do a lot of lip service marketing and lure you to book us, it is better to find out from our actual clients we’ve worked with last year 2013.
Again, it is your right to know because you are the ones investing.

So, here are their emails, comments, and reviews right after they received their wedding films for 2013
1/5/13: Wedding // San Francisco, CA // Testimonial
2/2/13: Wedding // San Jose, CA // Testimonial
2/23/13: Wedding // Pleasanton, CA // Testimonial
3/23/13: Wedding // Pleasanton, CA // Testimonial
4/27/13: Wedding // Sonoma, CA// Testimonial
5/11/13: Wedding // Palo Alto, CA// Testimonial
5/12/13: Wedding // San Martin, CA// Testimonial
5/18/13: Wedding // San Francisco, CA
5/25/13: Wedding // San Jose, CA// Testimonial
5/26/13: Wedding // Hillsborough, CA
6/1/13: Wedding // Half Moon Bay, CA// Testimonial
6/8/13: Wedding // Geyserville, CA// Testimonial
6/15/13: Wedding // San Jose, CA// Testimonial
6/22/13: Wedding // San Ramon, CA// Testimonial
6/28/13: Wedding // Sonoma, CA
6/29/13: Wedding // Palo Alto, CA// Testimonial
6/30/13: Wedding // Kenwood, CA// Testimonial
7/7/13: Wedding // Los Gatos, CA//Testimonial
7/13/13: Wedding // San Francisco, CA
7/27/13: Wedding // Palo Alto, CA
8/3/13: Wedding // Livermore, CA//In Production
8/10/13: Wedding // Woodside, CA// Testimonial
8/24/13: Wedding // Pleasanton, CA// Testimonial
8/29/13: Wedding//Napa, CA// Testimonial
9/7/13: Wedding // San Martin, CA
9/8/13: Wedding // Burlingame, CA// Testimonial
9/14/13: Wedding // Sunol, CA// Testimonial
9/21/13: Wedding // San Francsico, CA//In Production
9/22/13: Birthday // San Francisco, CA//Testimonial
9/28/13: Wedding // Riverside, CA//Testimonial
10/6/13: Wedding // San Francisco, CA//Testimonial
10/19/13: Wedding // San Ramon, CA//Testimonial
11/27/13: Wedding// Kyoto, JAPAN// Testimonial
12/8/13: Wedding // San Francisco, CA//In Production
12/14/13: Wedding // San Jose, CA// Testimonial

 To see more reviews from other years, head on to our AVAILABILITY

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