Bay Area Wedding Videographer | Got Your Back Engagement Music Video

Yes! We finally are able to share this engagement video shot around the bay area with you guys! We have shot and finished this a couple of months ago and we had a blast working with Eileen and Lennard. When Eileen contacted me, she requested to do a music video. We have not done a full music video before and I was wondering how would it come out because it was our first time doing it. I took the challenge and I was really determined to shoot and create the concept video because for me, I knew that their guests at the wedding reception would love to see the couples personalities thru a different presentation. A slideshow or photomontage is the usual treat on bay area weddings for guests. This time, the couple wants to take it to the next level with a spin cover of “got your back” as their engagement music video track.
Lennard had already envisioned what he wanted the engagement video would look like, so the brainstorming part was a little easier this time. I thought it would be a little different than how my team usually do a shoot but it is actually similar, we just shoot and have fun with the couple! 

Hope you guys enjoy it!

P.S. This is a password protected video. To watch it, please go like our facebook page to get the password. Get it by clicking here.
P.S.S The password will change from time to time so please check our facebook change because that is where we will update the password.

Want something like this on your wedding reception? This is more than just a slideshow of pictures! Please CONTACT US for more information and let us create this for you!


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